About us

Applitec Moutier SA develops and produces top-quality cutting tools for machining and micromechanics. Based in Moutier, Switzerland, our company has developed in the heart of the turning or décolletage country. Our customers are manufacturers of small parts for the following industrial sectors : automotive, electronics and connector, medical and dental, watchmaking and micromechanics industries.


Our tools are specially developed to offer a top machining performance on automatic lathes such as those of :

  • Citizen
  • Hanwha
  • Nexturn
  • Star micronics
  • Tornos
  • Traub
  • Tsugami
  • etc.

We also equip small precision machining centres as well as the most modern machining, turning, and transfer centres with micro tools such as those of :

  • Benzinger
  • Bumotec
  • Datron
  • Mikron
  • Précitrame
  • Willemin-Macodel
  • etc.

Strategy and Vision

To enable our customers to achieve the high-level performance necessary for success in their markets, our strategy and vision are based on four pillars.


Our teams are highly present in the markets to understand the needs of our customers and meet them as quickly as possible.
Whatever the machining problems of our customers, our specialists are at their disposal to provide solutions.
As a result, our customers can accept difficult-to-machine parts and get more from their means of production. They know that in terms of tools, they can count on the help of our specialists.


Our employees benefit from a unique know-how accumulated over the years. For more than 30 years, the success of the “magic Applitec formula” has never been proved wrong. Our staff is highly qualified, constantly trained and considers our customers to be our partners. As a result, our customers can have confidence in the company, its products and also in their contacts there. The ideal basis for building our joint future.


Innovation is at the heart of our corporate strategy and the development of our products. In fact, we are constantly innovating for our customers benefit.
Our customers always have a high-tech solution at disposal that ensures the best possible production.
As a result, our customers are much less bothered about carrying out their machining operations. Instead, they can focus on producing and delivering quality on time and at the prices agreed with their customers.

A comprehensive offer

Whatever your turning requirements, we can offer a suitable solution. The wide choice of our product ranges allows our customers to always work with the tool best suited to the operation, while offering the best price/performance ratio. This way, our customers make the most of their tooling expenditure.

Are you looking for the best possible machining solution? Our specialists are at your disposal, so do not hesitate to contact them.

Our story

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