Outils de hautes performances
pour le décolletage et
la micromécanique

High performance cutting tools for
automatic lathes and micromechanics

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TechTalk – Geometry DHD3371

The MICRO-Line range offers a wide selection of highly precise milling tools designed to meet the needs of micromechanics. The diversity of our products provides solutions tailored to the highest requirements. Thanks to the DHD337 geometry and its irregular pitch tooth profile, each tooth benefits from a different helix angle, allowing for optimal chip control.

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TechTalk – Geometry SFX3

The TOP-Watch range, particularly featuring the SFX3 geometry dedicated to partial profile threading according to the NIHS standard, is perfectly suited to the highest requirements. Thanks to its rigid offset teeth fixing system, its chip-breaking geometry that ideally breaks the chip, and its super-finished surface condition, this type of tool ensures the achievement of excellent high-precision threading.

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TechTalk – Geometry GX

Discover our TRIO-Line range, specially designed for turning and microtechnology, showcasing the GX geometry dedicated to precision grooving. Designed to meet the dimensional requirements of grooves according to DIN 6799 and DIN 471 standards. Its rigid clamping system at the tooth bottom and the 3 cutting faces offer an exceptional balance between performance and economy, making our range an ideal choice for your production needs.

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