Cost effective parting off tools

The CUT-LINE series offers a wide range of cost effective and high performance parting off tools. The cutting geometries of the inserts are designed in order to achieve highest requirements and efficient machining of the most difficult materials.

CUT-Line benefits

  • Clamping system in two versions with independent clamp part for high rigidity and efficiency.
  • Three different insert sizes (1.6 mm, 2.2 mm and 3.1 mm) and several grades and geometries are available in order to fit perfectly to any machine type and workpiece material.
  • Several coatings available for tool life improvement in all kinds of materials.


  • A wide range of tool holders with square shank starting from 8×10 up to 25×25 mm, also available with integrated coolant supply.
  • Parting off up to Ø 65 mm.

Machining geometries

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