TechTalk – Geometry FN-X17

Let’s have a TechTalk about… Geometry FN-X17!

Designed and created for you with the following benefits:

1. Finishing:

The chipbreaker’s shape offers excellent control over chips in difficult materials.

2. For ferrous & non-ferrous:

Thanks to a positive cutting geometry of 17° and a selection of suitable grades, this configuration is universal for materials where chip control is paramount.

3. Extended application range:

Highly effective for large depths of cut and low to high feed rates.

4. Sharp edge:

As sharp as a Japanese knife due to its sharp cutting edge and mirror-polished sharpening.

5. Hat trick:

Available in all three shapes: CCGT (80°) – DCGT (55°) – VCGT (35°).


Learn more about this family on our website: ISO-Line – Applitec Swiss Tooling

You can also find our GTX geometry on our Applitec shop:


Let’s have TechTalk with us !

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