TechTalk – Geometry RXF

Let’s have a TechTalk about… Geometry RXF!

Designed and created for you with the following benefits:

1. Reinforced point:

Specially designed to meet the demands of tough materials, its reinforced tip offers an exceptional balance between performance and economy.

2. Reinforced but … positive:

The combination of the reinforced tip with a positive cut reveals the secret of this exceptional compromise.

3. Cut off line:

A must-have for any experienced lathe operator.

4. Small but sturdy:

Despite its small size, this screw insert enables cutting up to a diameter of Ø17mm.


Learn more about this family on our website: ECO-Line – Applitec Swiss Tooling

You can also find our RXF geometry on our Applitec shop:


Let’s have TechTalk with us !

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